Welcome to ϟ Jolt Survival ϟ

Jolt is a small community focused SMP with a handful of active and friendly players who are excited to grow our community! We offer a variety of plugins to add to the vanilla experience while keeping things fun and streamlined. Whether your thing is building, farming, or redstone we have something for just about everyone!

Please remember to be courteous and kind to other players. We strive to create a safe and friendly environment for people to have a good time!

Our Main Features:

    • Friendly staff and community
    • Backpacks
    • /shop to buy and sell items
    • NPC Marketplace
    • Chest shops
    • Auction House
    • /claim land to protect it
    • Set player warps (good for promoting a shop)
    • Majority sleep to skip night
    • Custom Enchantments
    • Jobs & daily job quests
    • Skills, stats, & abilities
    • Rank-up by voting (8 ranks)
    • Donator Rank & Store
    • Pipes, Elevators, & Auto Composters
    • Loot boxes (bought with loot crate shards dropped by mobs)
    • Levelled mobs (drop money and more xp
Server Status